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Our Team

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Miss Rayzen Hell

Miss Rayzen Hell here! If it involves cars, pinups, a cold drink, and raising hell count me in! Want to know some fun facts about myself? I run the largest pinup group in North Carolina, Pinups and Pumps. We are an all pinup girl gang who works towards giving back to our community and making women fall in love with themselves all over again. Love the car show scene? Maybe we have crossed paths then! I host several cars shows and pinup contest throughout the year along the South East.


Miss June Von Hellion

Hi! My name is Miss June Von Hellion and I am the lead makeup artist for Pinup and Pumps. I have been apart of this amazing girl gang for 3 years now and I have loved every minute of it. Being a "Pinup" is more than a cute name and heels, it's about finding and unleashing your inner self that no one has seen. Falling back in love with yourself and having a sisterhood to help you along the way was the golden ticket for me. Now excuse me while I go and turn as many heads as I can.

Rowdy Vixen

Hi, Rowdy Vixen here!! Pinup styling and hair is my game! I have been with Pinups and Pumps from the very beginning! Im the head stylist of the Pinup and pump glam squad! For the past 4 years I have absolutely loved making our models feel sexy, beautiful and classy while getting their pictures taken! I love setting up at car shows and seeing beautiful rides while styling and profiling our Pinups! I love teaching my 2 beautiful daughters all about the pinup lifestyle and sexy cars! My hubby loves seeing our work from either cover photos, to websites, to calendars! Can’t wait for our future Pinup Adventures!!

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