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What We Do

What We Do

Pinups and Pumps is the largest pinup group in the state of NC. We are known for our vintage inspired photoshoots and our fun filled car shows and pinup contest. Our work has been published in several respected pinup magazines across the country such as; Retro Lovely, Chicaboom, The Social Pin, Kat Club, and many more!



What Our Clients Say

"Great experience with photos and shows. Great people, great organization and purpose. Highly recommend!"

Leann Reece Martin

"The Pinups and Pumps crew do excellent work! I’m glad I found them! I’ve already done two shoots with them and have 3 more future shoots scheduled. I can’t wait!!!"

Amanda Elkin Hartis

"I did my first photoshoot with Sara and loved it! I have since scheduled several more. Not only is she professional but she also offers confidence and support!!! Not to mention the pictures she takes are AMAZING!!!!"

Beverly Perry

"I did my first shoot with Pinups and Pumps in 2019 and fell in love! The team makes you feel like a movie star! No matter your age, size or knowledge of Pinup, these girls will turn you into the Bombshell you never knew you could be! You can just do shoots, or join the many car shows and Pinup contests they host, raising funds for the community and Veterans. It's an opportunity every time to let all women know, "you can do this too, you're beautiful!" This girl gang is truly a sisterhood and I'm so happy to be a part of it!"

Amber Pressley

"Highly recommend this group! This group makes you feel so confident about yourself! If you are looking for professional pinup pictures without breaking the bank, definitely give them a shot! I had my first shoot with them back in Sept 2021 and I have been hooked ever since! I’m 2 hours away but it is worth every penny! I recommend entering the pinup contests as well! It’s all about friendship and confidence boosting! Each one will leave you wanting more."

Anita Barbour


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